Sunday, February 28, 2010

#344 Corset Mock up

This number is part of a duck tape dress being constructed for a good friend of mine. Wheeeeee. This was for the corset part only. We are working on the skirt bit as duck tape is not so good for the draping. The next step is to get some conductive thread and start working with the lights and possible power sources.

Oh, and source the roller skates.

Monday, February 15, 2010

poor baby take on tom ka gai

This a poor quick version of Tom Ka Gai. It has lots of room for variation (aka the addition of leftovers)

  • Chicken Broth (decent quality)
  • Garlic, fresh diced
  • Ginger, fresh diced
  • Chili garlic sauce (the ordinary chines kind - Can be replaced by some diced thai chili's if you got em)
  • 2 cups seafood (prefer prawns diced or scallops)
  • Coconut milk
  • lime
  • green onion (chop the whites and then rough dice the greens, keeping them separate)
  • Red Curry Paste
  • Good oil
  • Fish sauce
  • Mushrooms, quartered
  • Cilantro rough diced

NOTE: It is best if you prep all your stuff before you start cooking... otherwise it won't go up nicely or things will end up burnt or over cooked.

First onion whites to the pan with a bit of oil, saute until soft on med. Add garlic and ginger and stir fry until just brown on the edges. Add chili sauce stir just a tad, add curry paste, give it a toss and then cover with a bit of the chicken broth... just enough that you can break up the curry paste in... once it is broken up cover with the rest of the broth and bring to a hard boil.
Add mushrooms, bring back up to a decent boil, add fish sauce and a drop of sesame oil.
Add fish, stir, add coconut milk and bring back up to moving, bring back up to hot. Turn off add cilantro and green onion tops. Keep checking for spiciness and salt and add bits of chili or fish sauce in small amounts until you are happy.

Let sit for two min. then serve with a squirt of lime juice on top the bowl. Yum.

So I didn't put this one in as one of the project a day projects cause it is so straight forward. It would be like saying spagetti was a creation of merit.

Good things to add:
Leftover pork chop sliced thin
Leftover chicken shredded
The rind of the lime or kefir leaves
left over veggies from the night before
rice noodles (cooked)

#345 UC page for Mine Now

Mine now is a new label that is still in the chrysalis stages first conceived by my friend Ben Shaddis. I am partnering with Ben to bring Mine Now to life and of course a web presence is a must. Below is the first page developed and speaks to the look and feel we are going toward for the web page (Click on the image to see a better view). Oh, and credit for the awesoem logo goes to Ben as well. I think it is outstanding.

Friday, February 12, 2010

#346 This Here Wordpress Page-Order Tutorial

This is a simple visual tutorial to help new user's control the order in which pages display on their Wordpress sites. The example Wordpress site I am using here is An awesome space run by great folks.

Let's take a look at where we are vs where we want to go. Notice in the image below the order in which the pages are listing. The one on the left is where we are and the one on the right is what we want. (Something you should note for this tutorial... it the images are too small click on it to see a larger view)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

#347 Custom Wordpress Theme for a Naughty Private Party

Below is another custom wordpress theme. I am enjoying creating these ditty's as they stretch my technical and design skills while putting the power of editing and content management in the hands of the site owners - where it belongs.

#348 Jellyfish Gallery Custom Wordpress Theme

Hello there,

So I created a custom wordpress theme using a watercolor and jellyfish illustration I did for a couple friends of mine who have this amazing space in SOMA. The first image links to the site.