Tuesday, January 17, 2012

52 Pick-up: Reduex


For the year of 2011, I had intend to complete 52 significant, worth a week projects and blog them. I succeeded in making the project but not so much with the documenting them. This year will be different. I am on it. For 2012 it is ON!

The criteria has not changed. Projects may be crafty. They may be arty. They may be just crazy-ass ideas all drawn out with plans. I will do my best to chronicle the process not only for entertainment purposes but also an effort to improve the quality of my endeavors. Many aspects from the 365 project still hold true.

*Ha! Fooled you. You thought of course I would include a image of cards from the old card trick. The main image for this post and this project is a 1952 pick up truck. I was tempted to use this image... for the sheer creepy factor. But the source material just squicked me pretty out though I dig the blog that posted it.

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