Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crusade 2010

So I have decided at the spur of the moment to motivate my self and build a body of crafty work.

The crusade is to create/finish/do a project a day for the entire year of 2010. Yes, seriously. In the interests keeping touch with reality, I mean that I will do 365 projects in 2010... mostly one a day though I intend to bank a few, cause you know I will go on vacation, have a hang over, run off with the pool boy, etc at one point or another in the coming year. So I have officially begun the count down Dec. 29th, 2009.

Each of the official "ya, I did it and wasn't just shooting my mouth off" projects will be numbered starting with #365 and going on down from there. 

These projects will be primarily crafty/sewing but could include other disciplines. For example doing an illustration for a future silk screen or pattern drafting for longer projects like corsets.

As some of you know (and others will learn) I often make myself little tutorials like things to think out a project that I am either modifying from another idea or doing from scratch. I also will be including my source of inspiration... cause not giving credit where credit is due sucks.

I invite others to join me and if you feel motivated you can contact me and become a contributor to this blog... moughh ha ha. Contact me by clicking on any of the little mail/envelope icons all over this blog especially at the end of posts.

Note about my work with clothing. There are ton's of resources out there for thin folks both for crafts and for fashion. When I look for resources that will look good on my body type the pickin' are slim (pun intended). My project, designs, modification and reconstructions are designed mostly for larger women like myself.

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