Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Military T-shirt and other idea captures

Hmmm. I saw this idea at Cut out and Keep

And while I am not wild about the execution I do like the concept.

Other ideas I have been rolling around in my head is a ruffle front t-shirt and a pin tucked front t shirt. The ruffle front tshirt would start with a bit t- and would just have ruffles covering the front veritcally... yum.. still gotta figure out the finishing and the right size for the ruffles. The pin tuck shirt would start with a big shirt cut the front away... pin tuck it, Baste is back together and then cut to fit and finish the edges.

Oh and the idea I am working on right now is a faux tibetian wrap tunic shirt. Basically a sleeveless t-with wrap center.

Oh another idea that just popped into my head would be an semi infinity top. Basically a tube top with two halter strips (long ones gathered for the girls) that could be wrapped a number of ways like the infinity dress that is all the rage on the internet. http://rowena.typepad.com/rostitchery/infinity-dress.html

Only it would have a bit more boob coverage ;)

Like so many of my other projects I will write myself a tutorial before i do it most likely... just to get it all thought out. Then actually try it and modify the tutorial.

Also saw this skirt... I would love to make a everyday version out of some kind of inexpensive thick knit. Yum.


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