Tuesday, July 27, 2010

#334 Games of Berkeley Wordpress theme

So this one may look (and be) less then wildly creative... but hey not everything can be a masterpiece.
I used this awesome free theme called Arras which is a well supported theme framework
and created a branded child theme for Wordpress 3.0.
This theme is designed for the staff to use... they have variable skill levels with web, design and wordpress but are an all round great bunch of folks. It will be live just as soon as a few modifications and content upload is completed by the staff at Games of Berkeley.

This essentially is what it will look like:

This is the before shot:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

#335 My first function from scratch

This is the first function I have ever written from scratch. Usually I just copy and tweak for this kind of thing but it was so simple I thought I would give it a shot... I am using the thematic framework and creating a custom child them.

As soon as this code is live I will post a link to the live site.

And while I wish I could show the code here the bloger wysiwyg will not let me show anything... I keep getting a funky HTML cannot be accepted dealy. Grrrrr.

Now I know this doesn't sound "creative" per se, but damn it I am happy with it and I wrote it so there.

#336 Fresh Bite Website

So this is a site I designed a loooooooong time ago. Like 4 whole months ago. I am currently refreshing the design now that my super cool baker friends have content and are setting up ecommerce.

Check it out. freshbitebaking.com

Long time no blog

But the creation has been fast and furious. I swear. I am only a little bit behind the numbers and from now on I am going to try two entries a day until I catch up. This also mean that things are going to be wonky as far as order goes. Who new blogging was so much work... before it has always been play.