Tuesday, March 30, 2010

There Must Be Order

But I swear I have no control issues. Really.

Anyhow I have started to have a respectable pattern stash going. I have commercial patterns (McCalls, Simplicity, Vouge) and specialty commercial patterns (Truly Victorian, Past Patterns) as well as patterns that I have drafted myself. So of course nothing is in a uniform size or shape. Some went back in their envelopes... others maybe not.

Issue #1
When shopping for patterns especially during big sales, how will I be able to tell if I already have a similar pattern already, and in what size? It sucks to find out you have double purchased or what is happening is that I have the same top pattern basically... from 10 different manufacturers.

Issue #2
How can I easily browse my stash so I can do a project... And not just plain loose track of what I got.

Issue #4
How can I access my list of goodies when I am not right in front of the box.

Of course the solution is database. But this magic database has to images... cause I choose things visually. A pattern database without pictures is useless to me.

So I am gonna try to find an on-line tool for this. I wish blogger had widgets for this. That would be sweet!

Here is to the dream. And when I find a good solution I will shout it far and wide, believe you me.

Monday, March 1, 2010