Thursday, November 6, 2008

t-shirt revamp - Business goth

This is just one of many t-shirt revamp ideas brought together for this top. Those ideas came from lots of great sources like and so on.

Step 1 - Put it on and mark it up
  1. Mark the point where you want the V to end at... how much are you gonna show?
  2. Mark the points on the neck line where you want the V to start. These marks will just be guidelines... we will measure to be sure
  3. Use the cloths pins to figure out how much of the sides will need to be taken in. Then mark those places. Keep in mind that if you stress the fabric by trying to get a super tight fit your neck V might turn out funny. Once you get a decent shape in it mark those places  with pins or chalk. Also at this time figure out how long you want your shirt to be.

Step 2 - measure and cut it up

  1. With a measuring tape be sure the mark for the bottom of the V is in the middle of your tee-shirt.
  2. With a measuring tape make sure the marks for the tips of your V are the same distance from the shoulder seams along the collar. Mark the shirt once you are sure where you will cut.
  3. Cut off the neck band but be sure not to cut off the marks, then cut out your V. 
  4. Cut off the sleeves and save them for later.
  5. Cut off the extra from the bottom and save to make your strings for your V. 
  6. Mark out with chalk how you will be taking in the sides. Use your measuring tape to even it up and take the same amount on each side. Pin the sides together on your line and then cut .5 inches outside that mark for seam allowance.

Step 3 - Put it together
  1. First sew up your sides and try it on... adjust the sides as needed
  2. Next take the extra off the bottom and cut a .25" inch strip off  bottom... you should get a big ole loop. Cut the loop so you end up with a little string.You can stretch it out to get it thiner and longer.
  3. Next mark along your V about every .5 of an inch (or less with a ruler making matching marks on both sides of the V.
  4. Slide a cutting mat inside your shirt and use a razor to cut very small horizontal holes for your string.
  5. Next string your collar. And you are done

Variation — New Sleeves option 
  1. Measure from the top seam of your shoulder to your wrist (or where you want the sleeve to end. Measure around your wrist or decide how big you want the sleeve to be at the end.
  2. Take one of the discarded sleeves and cut it open. Then on paper use it to trace a new pattern. Like this. Remember to add extra on the outside to sew it up. 
  3. Sew up the bottom of your sleeve and try it on just to be sure you like it.
  4. Attach you sleeve to your shirt. With the shirt inside out and the sleeve right side out put the sleeve through the arm whole and pin it in place. Like this
  5. Sew it on... repeat with the other arm. 

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