Wednesday, April 7, 2010

# 342 Earring Board

My earring were all jumbled up and it was a pain in the ass in the morning to get into my jewelry and pick anything out. And it is not that I have an extensive collection...far from it. I have seen lots of earring boards and other jewelry on the wall solutions but I didn't want anything fooffy or two busy... I was looking for a really functional minimalist (as minimalist as earring displays can be) solution.

So what I made was a pretty earring board.

Materials and tools:

Old thin profile canvas (I hated the painting on it)
Muslin (enough to cover the front and wrap around to the back with 4 inches to spare all the way around)
Polyfil batting (enough to evenly cover the surface of the canvas)
Spray glue
Pretty fabric (I used a scrap of dupioni silk, same dimensions as the muslin)
Thin copper wire
a big eyed needle
Nails or heavy staples
A hammer of stapler

Step 1

Spray a portion of the canvas with the glue and spread the polyfill evenly over the glued area. Repeat until the canvas is evenly covered.

Step 2
layout the muslin and place the canvas in the center, fluffy side down. Starting at one end tack down the muslin to the frame. To to the opposite side from when you started and to the same, pulling the muslin smooth as you go. You don't have to pull super tight just smooth. Add any polyfill to the sides you need to in order to fill gaps as you go.

Step 3
Repeat step 3 with the outer fabric, making sure things are smooth and tight.

Step 4
On the back of the frame, measure about .5 inches down and place two nails on each side of the frame, leaving just a bit of the nail head out to wrap wire around. Repeat down the frame about every 2 to 2.5 inches as pleases you. Next clip off a piece of wire that will span across your frame with a generous bit extra and thread the needle with it.

Step 5
Wrap the end of your copper wire around one nail head and sew spans across your fabric ... keep in mind that the spans will be weighted down by the earrings so don't make them too long. Tip: Use a ruler to measure across and keep your copper stitchwork even... marking the places you will sew though with a pin through the canvas.

And this is what you should end up with:

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