Tuesday, January 5, 2010

#362 "Bustly" Wrap Top

I made this one to have a semi bustle skirt under a leather corset I was gifted (from which I will swipe a pattern). But I believe it stands along as a top. And I know I keep saying action shots coming soon. But really they are. One of my staycation goals is to do a photo shoot. Oh, and lean to use the video function on my little camera. It is a really simple approach to modifying the pattern.

I used a stretch knit that draped really well and didn't unravel.

First I started with the top of Butterick #5001 and modified the sleeves. You should note that I have made this one before and I have modified how I put it together to give me a better fit. Also for this particular top I modified the back to be more scoopy as I intended to wear it off the shoulder which only sort of panned out.

This pattern has a 3/4th sleeve. But I wanted something longer and more flowing. This is how I modified the sleeve pattern. I did it rough without using a ton of math or precision. It is worth doing again only in a more clean way. The fit was nice.

Then instead of putting the skirt on it I put a very short circle skirt on it... I wanted that frilly look. Now I made the circle skirt a bit bigger than the circumference of the top and I gathered it in the back to form that bustley look.
This is how the math broke down (click the image to get a bigger look and readable captions).

When I attached it I started by pinning the center front of the circle to the center front of the top then I pinned from side to side pinning it evenly around to the back When I got to the back section I could see how much extra I had and I just pinned in pleasing pleats to take care of it and give a nice drappy bustle effect.

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