Monday, January 4, 2010

Ruffled Sweater shrug

 I was inspired to do my own version after seeing this tutorial at Threadbanger:

But I wanted one that would work for a girl with my abundant proportions as well as offer a bit more coverage.

Action Pic's to come soon. I swear. Oh, and unless I make another one I am not counting this as part of the Project a Day dealy.

You will need:
  • One 100% wool man's sweater (not a bulky knit and the sweater should fit you but not be tight or droop off your shoulder's)
  • scissors
  • Chalk
  • pins
  • sewing machine
  • matching thread
Step 1
With the sweater on right side out mark down from the center front, under your boobs and too the small of your back or where you want the garment to end in the back.

Step 2

Take the sweater off and crease it so it is folded in half center and back. Now even up the marks you made.
Carefully cut on the marks you made. Cut the bottom edge first. then cut up the front... ONLY CUT ONE LAYER when you cut up the front.

Step 3
Now try it on. It if is too baggy in the body pinch in the side seams. It it is too back in the back make darts from the bottom edge.

Step 4
Measure out all around the edge (but don't stretch it out). Take this number and multipy it by two. This is the minimum length the strip will work for ruffles to be. Take the left over bits of sweater and make a strip this long as wide as desired or possible. I don't use the ribbing a the bottom of the sweater unless I absolutely have to and if I do I put them in equal bits at the end of my long strip.

Step 5
Applying the ruffle. Now keep in mind the idea behind this bit is to get an even presentation down the center of the front. So start at the collar and take your long strip of sweater bits work your way around the collar pinning the ruffles. Switch from side to side as you do this so you end with an even-ish look and so you have enough to go all the way around the sweater edge ending in the middle back.

Step 6
Once you have your ruffle VERY securely pinned down and looking just so use a zigg zagg stich on your machine to sew the ruffle on. Stretch out the sweater just a little bit as you sew to get a better curly edge look flowing into the pinned ruffles. Make sure you catch both edges of the sweater well when you sew. Sew this seam again if you need to to keep it secure.

Optional. You can go around the edge of your ruffle with a zig zag stitch to stop it from unraveling over time... I don't because I like that frayed deconstructed look.

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